ANTS trainings benefit you to have an Elevator Pitch & Power Positioning. It’s embedded, it’s practical, it’s researched and it features the esteemed ranks, strategies and scripts to inspire you, to take action! 
Members attending these trainings, will learn about using their individual style to communicate with people, how to put themselves and others at ease, and explore boundaries.

Whatever the business or professional role you’re in, you still have to sell yourself, your vision, your stuff and your ideas every single day! That’s why the skills of networking, reputation building and executive presence are so vital, particularly if you are in any kind of leadership or management role.
When you more INFLUENTIAL, more CONNECTED, more VALUABLE and more VISIBLE, people ‘buy you', 'sell you’ and ‘recommend you’.
Our trainings are personalized to meet your needs. In a month,
A 15-minute’s trailer on a weekly base will take place, (4 in a month).
A 90-minute’s training session (once in a month) empowers you to have a big picture on the variety of tools and techniques to help, in getting the best out of yourself and others.
Our trainings include these as benchmark:
By using a series of visuals, we explore the idea that everyone perceives the world differently. Not only does everyone see the world differently, everyone presume their view to be the right one.
Here we will also look at situations where differing terms of reference caused confusion or misunderstanding with clients.
Group exercises, which demonstrate how physical boundaries work and how even the shyest person can greet people well.
A group exercise where participants get to choose a number of 'first impressions' they could make and practice to see just what affect each impression has on other people.
Getting a message across clearly in a short and punchy style.
Give a presentation on what they are taking away from the session
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In today’s constantly evolving world, change is inevitable in any organization. New technologies are being implemented all the time and change in processes and policies are common place. Our workshops include topics such as sales & marketing, social media, funding, HR, legal, training, property, investment, franchising and many more topics.
Benefit - Reducing resistance to change allows new initiatives to be implemented smoothly, generating commitment and buy in from all affected.

Our workshops that are conducted once in a quarter, investigate how behavior develops in people and how using the coaching approach, can make long term changes to negative or challenging behavior. In fact, the workshop will be in classroom style, practical enough – both Interactive and a play session. We also look at how these workshops can be used to develop long term action plans and improve individual as well as team performance.
"Less Theory, More Practical"
We don’t spend time on theory. We’ll introduce it but focus more attention and on practical tools and ideas that you can actually take away and use.
We’ll provide the theory in your course materials to take away with you.
For more information and a Leeway Chat about the workshops, step in our office. Or simply call the ANTS office on +040-44724364.


Our seminars offer a mixture of training, inspiration and access to service providers to encourage business growth. We run two seminars in the day. One will be about the ANTS organisation and the other will be given by a professional and successful host (handpicked from various industries) to speak on various topics which will tickle our self-motivation and consciousness.
ANTS will continue to suggest topics and issues of current importance for the hosts to discuss.

This enables each host to conduct the seminar under his/her own auspices, while at the same time, encouraging a universal theme for that particular session.
Our seminars offer real practical advice on the essential business tools to help companies to grow. Whilst offering an insight in the world of our chosen keynote speakers covering their successes and failures.
What’s it all about & what you acquire?
1.Delivered by entrepreneurs, business leaders, exhibitors and partners sharing their product or service solution to help your business grow
2.You will be educated from experts in the company who will be delivering the workshop
3.Seminars focuses mainly on: Business Growth, Finance, Sales & Marketing, Human Resources, Technology, Legal and Franchising.
In order to secure your place, you need to register for the event and when you arrive on the day of the show indicate to the event staff when booking in which seminar you would like to attend.
For more information and a Leeway Chat about our webinars, monitor our website on a regular basis. Or simply call the ANTS office # +040 44724364.


An event is an opportunity for you to showcase your products and services and engage with visitors throughout the day and arrange for a meeting in their diaries whilst they are talking with you.
Events attract decision makers, business owners, entrepreneurs and corporate who are looking to attend the show to buy products, services and grow their business..
Exhibitions generate more sale leads than any other sales tool apart from company's own websites.

We will engage a dynamic keynote business speaker - to communicate on key themes, engage your audience with humor and skill them up so that they leave with a plan of action in their minds!
While at business networking events, you only get a few short minutes to make a big impression, and this workspace looks at the skills and approaches to make those few minutes’ count.
The exhibition and conference is an amazing way of gaining quality leads for your sales team and making direct contact with businesses allows you to qualify leads in detail and follow them up when you get back to the office the next day.
For more information and a Leeway Chat about our events, step in our office. Or simply call the ANTS office on +040 44724364.


Benefit - Being able to mingle effectively. This will help build more relationships with potential clients and customers. 
When done effectively, this can lead to an increase in business as well as an increase in confidence.
For more information and a Leeway Chat about our rallies, step in our office. Or simply call the ANTS office on +040 44724364.


Welcome to the Industry Giants - Webinars, the networking archive hosted by ANTS. These experts share their best strategies, ideas and philosophies on business networking, successful startups, how to overcome business hiccups, personal impact, online networking, personal branding, influence, trust, business relationships, personal marketing, referral marketing, etc.,
The webinars will be all about networking and gaining advice from our speakers and exhibitors as well as gaining new contacts.

For more information and a Leeway Chat about our webinars, view our website on a regular basis. Or simply call the ANTS office on +040 44724364.


Live concerts & trade shows can be great places to raise your profile, generate new leads and network with some high-level people. Trouble is, most people score down on two things - they don’t network well enough while they’re there and they don’t follow up well enough after they’ve been there.
The Business Show is where businesses like yours find the next gear. It's a free business exhibition to attend and offers a wealth of opportunity, advice and information crucial for ongoing business growth within the now challenging economy.

The show welcomes businesses from a cross-section of industries, and remains more committed than ever in providing you with everything necessary to improve, evolve and expand your business.
For more information and a Leeway Chat about our special shows information, view our website on a regular basis. Or simply call the ANTS office on +040 44724364


ANTS Help Small Business Entrepreneurs upscale their business. Franchising is a business model, that we know inside and out, and that experience and knowledge goes straight to our number one priority.
In general, business services franchises are a win-win situation for the franchisee, the franchisor and the clients that they both serve. For the franchisee, the main benefits of owning a franchise are brand recognition and a proven way of doing business that both attracts and retain customers.

Franchising Services - Customized for Growth
Our multi-disciplinary approach means that we cover all bases such as - franchise consulting, marketing, recruitment and legal disciplines
The spirit of entrepreneurship has been the driving force behind ANTS and our members for many years, and we wouldn’t have it any other way. Each day, we’re honored to help individuals create their own destiny.
We’re excited about the future and continue to look forward, seeking the latest and greatest growth opportunities for our network.
4 core values of ANTS franchising model:
Values – Passion – Skills – Lifestyle
Our franchise consultants work with you to determine your expansion objectives, the value proposition and the market opportunity. We model the financial feasibility of a network providing the commercial rationale, the strategy and the process to uplift your current operation as we build your franchise network together.
We will review your current successful staff and management on regular basis, to develop key indicators of what makes a successful franchisee.
Join the leader in B-to-B small business and Aspire higher with ANTS!!
For more information and a Leeway Chat about franchising. Or simply call the ANTS office on +040 44724364.


If you're just getting started on the internet--or simply looking for ways to add new revenue streams to your business--you might be considering placing ads/banners of your companies' products on our website.
YES., Easy way to get started by having good number of view and click on your business Ad that is placed on ANTS website – will definitely increase your brand reputation and business presence virally.

Who wouldn't like to make a few extra bucks without any effort?
You just put up a few ads on our site and wait for the cash to roll in, right?
It is important that your business is in front of the right audience. Well this is why we work extra hard to create a continuous relationship with like-minded companies. Our main goal is to guide fast-track startups and high-growth SME businesses develop. We sell ad spaces on our website so that your banners can float and bloom your trade.
Are you looking for a way to make your business profitable? Then you are in the right place! For more information and a Leeway Chat about advertising - placing ads/banners. Or simply call the ANTS office on +040 44724364